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SRT Global has been created with the Intention and Purpose of Empowering individuals with our one of a kind Energetic Technology called the Subconscious Release Technique or SRT. This technique allows people to completely reprogram their mind, remove any mental and emotional blockages or stopping patterns from their past, so they can Create the Life they were meant to be living.
We Inspire and Teach Leadership and Manifestation Techniques that have been passed down from the Greatest Teachers of all time...knowing that this information, when applied correctly, can completely transform a person’s life and will open them up to living their True Unique Purpose leaving their special mark on this Planet. We look forward to Meeting you and Welcoming you into our Community of Luminaries!
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"I was able to completely take my power back and totally turn my life around! From becoming financially stable to launching my dream career...I now feel powerful, capable, and truly unstoppable. I have created the most incredible relationships with the most incredible like-minded, supportive, loving and inspirational light workers. I now drive the car of my dreams live in the home of my dreams and love traveling to my favorite beaches all over the world! I thank Heavenly Father everyday that I manifested the Subconscious Release Technique!"

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